ABLP has the advantage if there’s an early election

Prime Minister Gaston Browne has been hinting at calling an early election suggesting that the next general elections will come like a thief in the night.

Political Consultant and Principal Director of CADRES, Peter Wickham says that the Antigua & Barbuda Labour Party has the advantage should the Prime Minister call an early election.

In an interview on ABS TV, Wickham says that he sees little fight in the UPP to take on the ruling ABLP government whose support is vastly growing.

“The polls have been clear in that direction, normally what you would expect is that after a government gains office that it would lose support, that’s the tradition in the Caribbean, in the case of Antigua & Barbuda, according to the polls, ABLP has been doing better than it did in the past,” wickham said.

Wickham also said that the Democratic National Alliance appears to be helping the ABLP along because they are not getting momentum on their own, but they seem to be attracting support from the UPP.