AG denounces modern day slave trade in Libya

The Attorney General Steadroy “Cutie” Benjamin speaking in parliament yesterday denounced what he calls a modern day slave trade in Libya.

The AG said that human trafficking should not be overlooked and persons should be vigilant as traffickers are not often strangers but persons who the victims may know.

“Trafficking, Mr. Speaker, usually commences with great jobs and opportunities in foreign countries which are too good to be true,” Benjamin said.

Benjamin said he is cautioning all Antiguans & Barbudans to be aware and be alert and look out for those types of schemes which are designed to degrade the human resources in this part of the world.

“We will do everything possible to prevent this ugly scene of slavery from raising its head in Antigua and Barbuda.”

Earlier in November the African Union expressed outrage after footage emerged appearing to show sub-Saharan migrants being sold at slave markets in Libya

Migrants trying to reach Europe have spoken of being held by smugglers and forced to work for little or no money.

Libya has since opened an investigation into the practice.