Chinese from Dominica resettlement temporary

A week ago Hurricane Maria hit Dominica as a catastrophic Category 5 storm leaving 27 confirmed deaths and 18 people confirmed missing.

Maria left the island in a state of disarray leaving airport traffic paralyzed, thousands without running water, electricity & communication to the outside world, causing the USA to evacuate its citizens living on the island and China evacuating more than 450 of its citizens from the hurricane ravaged island.

After days of joint efforts from embassies and institutes in Central America & China the displaced Chinese nationals arrived in Antigua between Friday & Monday night.

According to an online source the 462 Chinese nationals from hurricane ravaged Dominica will resettle in Antigua.

Ambassador Lionel Max Hurst, Chief of Staff in the Office of the Prime Minister confirmed that the Chinese nationals will not be resettling in Antigua contrary to reports from an online source that has been rounds on social media.

He says many of the Chinese nationals are construction workers stationed in Dominica, business owners and have property in Dominica. Ambassador Hurst said the evacuation is only temporary as many of them are here until security is heightened in Dominica and it is safe for them to return to their jobs, homes and businesses.

According to Chinese State Media, of the 462 Chinese Nationals now in Antigua 225 of them are China Railway Construction Corporation employees who are awaiting a second evacuation. The Chinese Foreign Ministry will be sending planes to Antigua to take the Chinese nationals back to China.