Fire Brigade offers humanitarian assistance to Brother Connie

A video posted on Facebook of the living conditions of former radio evangelist Conroy “Brother
Connie” Dyer has gone viral and has cause some public outrage as to why the video was
The video that surface showed the elderly man’s home filled with garbage and infested with
rodents and bugs while two fire fighters were seen taking two bug infested mattresses out of
the building.
An official from the fire department has since confirmed that whilst officers were attending to a
rubbish fire on Whenner Road at the residence of the elderly man, they observed that the
sleeping conditions was not proper or decent for the elderly man and decided to render some
humanitarian assistance to him.
Fire fighters could be seen in the video removing the bugs infested mattresses from the elderly
man’s home as well as cleaning out the garbage.
The Fire fighters from the St. John’s Fire Department carried out repairs on bed at the station
and donated it along with a mattress to the elderly man and burnt the old ones which was
infested with rodents and bed bugs.