Minister Greene Response to Protest over YASCO

Just weeks after a protest by concerned members of the public for the completion of the Country’s lone track and field facility, the YASCO Sports Complex, their cries are being heard.

The demonstration and passive/aggressive action has caused the Nation’s Minister of Sports to acknowledge the public and do something about the continued delay for work to be done at the facility.

This is according to reports that the Minister, the Honourable EP Chet Greene has extended his hand to meet with the general public, coaches, protesting groups, coaches and all other interested persons to meet with him whenever they deem fit as a group to hash over the plans for the completion of the facility and the reason for the ongoing protests.

This is not the first time the Minister has offered the public an opportunity to let their grievances be known about the facility as the field is not internationally recognized nor is it fit for persons specifically athletes to utilize.

The group went so far as requesting a donation of pass-byers to aid with the upgrading of the grounds, an overall act the Minister considers as “devious” while speaking to a local Media House on Tuesday.

As he has extended numerous invitations and countless opportunities for concerned participants to converse with him on the issue, none of which have been utilized.