MP Massiah promises fresh, dynamic party

The political arena in Antigua and Barbuda will become even more interesting with a new or alternative political party in the mix.

The woman with the vision is none other than the bold and confident Member of Parliament for the All Saints East and St. Luke Constituency, the Hon. Joanne Massiah.

MP Massiah who has been the centre of several instances of public ridicule by the hierarchy of her affiliate party, the Opposition United Progressive Party, has indicated that “a new, fresh and dynamic party” will be launched “very soon”.

Speaking during the Budget Debate in Parliament on Thursday, MP Massiah said that the new entity will focus on key issues of concern to the people of Antigua and Barbuda. 

She identified security and safety, mote reliable transportation, reliable public utilities and competitive as well as an affordable communication network as among the areas that will be given priority when the new entity comes on stream. 

“I just want to assure the people of Antigua and Barbuda that something new, fresh and dynamic will be launched on this country soon and we do not consider ourselves to be a third party, we are the alternative party, which will field 17 candidates in the next General Elections whenever the Prime Minister calls it”, she hinted. 

MP Massiah is among the three females to have been elected to the House of Representatives in Antigua and Barbuda.