Newest Senator Daryll Matthew Sworn In

Sports enthusiast and President of the Antigua & Barbuda Basketball Association Daryll
Matthew was sworn in as an ABLP senator yesterday in the Upper House replacing Michael
Freeland who recently resigned.
Matthew was sworn in during a short ceremony among family and colleagues as the Senate
convened yesterday to debate the Barbuda Land Amendment Bill which was passed last week
in the Lower House of representatives.
Matthew, A public servant for over a decade plays a very active role in the community. He is a
member of the Rotary Club of Antigua- a community based, service oriented organization, he
currently serves as President of the Antigua and Barbuda Basketball Association.

Senator Matthew now joins Senator Aziza Lake and Senator Shenella Govia as he is the third
young Antiguan & Barbudan to be appointed as a Senator.
After being sworn in Matthew noted that Prime Minister Gaston Browne continues to fulfil a
mandate of youth inclusion in the decision-making process, he hopes to always be remembered
as a senator who gave well thought and logical positions and presentations.

The Senator who was recently selected as the candidate for the ABLP in the St. John’s Rural
South Constituency, says that he intends to represent every issue and every bill vigorously and