NODS employees detained following theft from store room

Following a routine inspection of the hurricane relief items donated to the Government of Antigua and Barbuda, a number of items were discovered missing from the National Office of Disaster Services (NODS) storage facility on American Road.

Subsequently, the Ministry of Social Transformation and Human Resource Development conducted an investigation which resulted in two employees being implicated in the theft of the items and both employees have been taken into custody by the Police following raids on their homes on Friday.

Information Caribbean Times received alleges that an official from NODS made a report to the police yesterday after receiving information about the member of staff who was the alleged culprit.

The Police carried out a search on the allege culprit’s home on Friday afternoon and a number of items believed to be relief items and the property of NODS were seized and taken to NODS pending further investigations.

The Police have also detained a supervisor, who himself had been reporting to his superiors that items were going missing over a period of time.

Police executed a search warrant on the supervisor’s home last night and allegedly found a number of items which they believe came from the NODS store room.

The Ministry of Social Transformation and Human Resource Development takes note of this development and advises that it will be re-evaluating its procedures and monitoring mechanisms at the National Office of Disaster Services NODS storage facility and will make the necessary adjustments to ensure accountability and the security of hurricane relief supplies and other items in the department’s possession.