Police Seized Over 90lbs of Drugs in Mayonnaise

Ninety-Two pounds of Cannabis, concealed inside mayonnaise was seized by the police at V.C.
Bird International Airport on Thursday. The illegal substance was found aboard Caribbean
Airline Flight #459 from Kingston Jamaica.

Members of the Police K-9 Unit were on duty at the airport carrying out a routine check, when
one of the dogs alerted the handler to five cardboard boxes packed with mayonnaise.

A search was carried out on the boxes, and thirty-eight tightly wrapped packages of Cannabis were found concealed inside each plastic jar. The items were seized and taken to Police Headquarters. The consignment was addressed to a hotel located on the southern side of the island. No one was
arrested; however, further investigations are ongoing into the matter.

Since the inception of the
Police and Customs K-9 Units earlier this year, the K-9 Dogs have successfully assisted in taking
thousands of pounds of illegal drugs off the streets of Antigua and Barbuda.