President’s 10 Mentorship Programme: A special opportunity for young women

Ten young women from secondary schools across Antigua and Barbuda will be chosen to participate in the President’s 10 Mentorship Programme, which has been organized by the Legislature of Parliament.

The programme was officially launched on Wednesday in a private quarter in the Parliament Building and was widely attended by students and other specially invited guests.

According to the President of the Senate, the Honourable Alincia Williams-Grant, the programme is designed to specifically translate the advances that women have made in educational development into significant increases in female leadership in business and politics in Antigua and Barbuda.

“The programmer will focus on empowering young women to acquire basic knowledge, information, tools and skills necessary to understand and gain more competence about how parliament and other government departments work”, she explained in her remarks.

She added that the students will also receive information about being successful in future careers, business etiquette and spiritual development.

In order to be chosen for the programme, a third form student should have maintained a B+ average in second form and in the first quarter of third form, possess strong leadership skills and must write a 250-word essay detailing why they would like to enter into politics. The candidates will then be required to complete an interview process. The deadline for submitting the application forms is the 15th of February.

The President of the Senate expressed thanks to all the key persons who have been instrumental in bringing the project to reality.

Senator Shenella Govia was also on hand to offer her words of support and encouragement.

“I want to encourage you all, it is not just about the professions of being a lawyer, doctor or architect, you can aspire to be a politician as well. I want you to use this opportunity and be a part of the first-hand experience that you will have being a part of this process. I encourage you to get involved, participate, be passionate and stay motivated”, she urged.

Member of Parliament for the St. Mary’s South Constituency, the Honourable Samantha Marshall also joined her colleagues in encouraging young females to consider the rewards that can be derived once selected for the mentorship programme.

“Whether you determine that your leadership should be in politics or public life, whether you determine that you would be the first female to manage a corporation in Antigua and Barbuda, whatever you decide to do, be strong about it”, she stated.

The top 10 students will be announced in March.