Reflecting for positive change

Caribbean Times does not intend to be the moral police saluting everyone claiming purity; these are many. However, we do appreciate that in this complex world that we live in, our fates can change quite rapidly – sometimes for the better, and sometimes for the worse.

There are many things occurring on a daily basis that either grab our attention, or serve as mere distractions from bigger issues. Today, there are still too many among us eking out a living while remaining heavily indebted. Some of us have children that have gone astray, in spite that we have done our very best to provide food and clothing for them, ensure that they attend school, and have done all in our power to expose them to good values and practices.

Nonetheless, sometimes our work is in vain. Not because we did not try hard enough with discipline, but because once a child attains a particular age, there is that expected sense that their choices ought to reflect some sense of personal responsibility. The fact is that parenting can be cumbersome, and especially when the surroundings are not conducive to uplifting behaviour and the need for self-esteem and respect are low intensity values.

The situation appears worse when poverty is widespread within a community. The temptations to reach to short cuts appear amplified, and many gray areas begin to crop up which cloud good judgement. What can we do as individuals? How far must we go back to reflecting that we can be our neighbour’s keeper? Should we become overly dependent on teachers, social workers, or the government?

Caribbean Times will contend that as often as these conversations are heard in the society, suggest that there is need for the messages to be packaged more effectively and given greater regularity. Ambition will not create greed on its own; but we need to be as a responsible society to be equally responsive to the needs of this generation since their needs are different.

As a caring society, it must be much more than talk, but there has to be the type of action that will generate shifts and movement in the right and positive directions. These are things that we can consider individually and collectively at the start of a new week. Each one of us must be prepared to say to themselves, today, I shall make a positive difference in someone’s life. That is the beginning of change for the better.