Talisker Whiskey Atlantic Challenge race start time postponed

The 2017 Talisker Whiskey Atlantic Challenge has been delayed due to extreme weather conditions in La Gomera.

In a statement made by lead duty officer Ian Couch on the Atlantic Campaigns facebook page, he said, “rowing the Atlantic is extremely challenging and it would be wrong to launch a fleet into conditions that are so extreme so early on”.

“ In order to give all rowers the best and safest possible start, the race has taken external advice and guidance from numerous sources and put the race start on hold, a decision backed up by the port authorities who would not have allowed the race to start”, Couch said.

Speaking with Eli Fuller of Team Antigua, he says the race start time is constantly being reviewed and it could start tomorrow or Thursday the latest.

“The weather is still crazy windy here but the forecast will get more favorable by Thursday,” Eli says.

Eli says Team Antigua would’ve been at an advantage had the race started today as they have the most training in rough seas and extreme weather conditions.

Team Antigua says they are very humbled by the support from their fellow citizens.