Two Killed in Shootout With Police


Jamiel “Marlo” Hurst of Ottos & Travis “Ten Pound” Bailey/Martin of Gray’s Farm were shot and killed early Thursday morning during a shootout with the Police.

Police were on patrol in the Lightfoot area after reports of a suspicious vehicle in the area. Members of the Rapid Response Unit intercepted two suspicious persons dressed in camouflage jackets with hoodies & they were armed with semi-automatic rifles.

A Police source said the two bandits appeared to have been moving in on an apartment in the area, when police intercepted, one of the individuals opened fire on the police and during the shootout two persons were shot and killed.

The vehicle the bandits were occupying sped away and the police are now in pursuit of the vehicle.

The number of persons occupying the vehicle at the time of the incident is still unknown.

Caribbean Times will provide further details as they come to hand.