Two Men in Police Custody For Alleged Robbery

Akeem Joseph, aka “Gotti” 26 of Liberta and 32 year old Jeffery “Dumbo” Thomas of Willikies are
currently in police custody assisting the police with their investigations into a report of an alleged
robbery, which took place at Jolly Beach Hotel early Thursday morning.

It is alleged both men offered a guest at Jolly Beach Hotel a ride in a silver Toyota Noah van
C13733, and in the process robbed him at gunpoint of an undisclosed sum of money. The
incident was reported to the hotel’s security, and they were both cornered and detained on the
hotel’s compound. Bolans Police were called in and they were arrested and taken into custody.

Police have since recovered monies believed to have been stolen from the visitor, as well as the
vehicle in question. They are likely to be charged for the offence. Both men are well-known to
the Court, having committed similar and other serious offences.

Meanwhile, the Police Administration is commending the swift action taken by the security
personnel in this matter, and is encouraging others to work along with the police in the interest of
protecting our fragile tourism industry.